We were confused before we dug into the calming world of CBD! Our Owner Joanna Heart interviews Alex Corren, of Uncanny Wellness about CBD, it’s perks, effects and health benefits one on one…

Hey Alex! You reached out to me a few months back before we started carrying CBD and I learned everything I needed to know from you! I would love to share this knowledge with my customers! Tell us a little about your company UnCanny Wellness!

I founded UnCanny in 2016 after moving to Boulder, CO with the intention to start up a hemp/CBD business. From the very beginnings of the company I decided to use a water-soluble CBD powder in all our products instead of making traditional oil-based formulations. That has helped us to maintain a unique position in this quickly growing industry. Our team is growing and we’re starting to expand into new markets outside of our home-base in Colorado. It’s been a wild ride so far, and we’re just getting started!

Tell us a little bit about yourself & how you got into this?

I graduated from University of Vermont with a degree in Environmental Science, concentrating in water resources and ecological design. It was through that education that my fascination with hemp began. Post-college I took a deeper dive into permaculture, alternative healing modalities, and sustainable food production, and ended my travels with a year growing cannabis outside of Ukiah, CA. It was then that I knew I wanted to jump into the more wellness-oriented side of the cannabis industry and turned my sights to hemp-derived CBD. When I got to Colorado, I worked at an extraction facility for a while, turning raw plant material into finished CBD products, before taking the leap to start my own business.

Can you describe how CBD should make you feel?

There are so many variables to how CBD makes people feel! It all depends on what your starting point is, and the effects can range from life-changing to barely noticeable.

For example, someone with regular aches and pains could feel relief within minutes of taking a single dose, but a healthy individual without anything negative to measure it against might not feel much at all. Others might find that it helps them get a better night’s sleep than they’ve had in years, or that they can deal with the stress of everyday life a bit better.

A lot of it comes down to how in-touch you are with your own body. Good thing is that no matter what, the CBD is still entering your system and doing good work, even if it’s just functioning as a powerful preventative to support overall health maintenance.

What makes Uncanny-Wellness CBD in specialty coffee so special?

What makes our CBD products so unique is the conversion process we do to turn the oil into a water-soluble powder. Not only does that conversion make it far easier to formulate with and mix into drinks, but it allows for up to 10x better absorption in the stomach! We also package our products for ease of use. Each scoop measures out 10mg CBD - so there’s no guesswork involved! The vast majority of companies selling CBD have oil-based products that are ineffective and inconvenient to add to drinks.

What would you tell people who are new and maybe nervous about CDB?

Ah, so much to say! First thing to know is that even though CBD related to THC (they’re both compounds known as cannabinoids), it doesn’t hit the same brain receptors and will not get you high. It’s basically all of the healthy qualities with none of the psychoactive effects. Second, there’s no way to overdose or take too much. A good general rule is to ‘start low and go slow’, increasing until you find the dose that works best for you. Don’t be afraid to experiment! The amount of CBD people take every day varies from 10mg to 100mg or more.

Tell us 3 amazing "Need to know CBD facts" Go!

CBD is from the cannabis plant and is a phytocannabinoid, but we produce these same types of compounds in our own body, known as endocannabinoids. They help our nervous and immune system to work at full capacity, which is why it can help so many people in so many different ways.

The highest concentration of endocannabinoids is in a mother’s breast milk! So these compounds are not only good for us, but they’re arguably essential for proper development and full-body functioning.

Even though hemp-derived CBD was only taken off the controlled substances list in December of 2018, the federal government has had a patent on CBD as a ‘neuroprotectant and antioxidant’ since 2003. (US Patent 6630507) A bit frustrating, but certainly interesting!

What is your favorite CBD coffee drink?

CBD-infused dirty chai latte made with coconut milk is definitely a not-so-guilty pleasure of mine :)

Where can we learn more about CBD?

We have some great information available on our website (www.UnCannyWellness.com) as well as on our YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/c/uncannywellness). For more general information, I like to point people in the direction of projectCBD.org. And you can always reach out to me directly through the contact form on our website!