The Palm Coffee Bar with one small spark, a quick nonchalant slip of the lip conversation over champagne and good friends, one New Years Eve. We were talking about how we dreamed of a more "woke" coffee shop for our neighborhood, mostly because we wanted one! :p We craved something different. We wanted to see more high-end/quality products and innovation PLUS... we had this idea that every day should feel like a vacation/celebration. (Celebrate good times come'on!) This is why our decor screams "fun, fresh, plants, party, pink, disco ball, selfie..." (Yes in that order ; )

Everything we do at The Palm Coffee Bar is to support this BIG idea of ours.

Because of this and because Joanna is the toughest quality control officer in town, we carry the highest quality coffees, teas, treats and baked goods. Our passion is for providing a luxury, quality, next level experience for our local community every single day, 7 days a week. We are a place to gather, where all are welcomed. We love what we do and are so happy to be able to share it with you. When possible we use Organic, Non-GMO, Fair Trade, etc. These are the buzz words that stick to our hearts and remind us each day why we do this. We stand behind each & every product we sell 100%.

We cultivate relationships to find the best products and shop small + local when we can. With specialty goods such as Equator Coffee, CBD coffee, Tenzo Tea, Mighty Leaf Tea, FarmShop Bakery, Sandwiches & Breakfast Biscuits, Vegan, Vegetarian & Gluten-Free options, Superpop Bars, Tates Cookies, Pulp Story Wellness Shots, Pressed Juicery, Hu Bars Chocolate, a full line-up of specialty cold drinks and a super fun retail section full of gifts, candles, cards etc... we would say we have a lot to offer! Literally something for everyone! We are proud Burbankians and want to thank you for supporting not only our small business, but our dream to share with the world the things we love and believe in...


~The Palm Tribe


Our Espresso & Cold Brew are currently:

Equator Coffees & Teas is a wholesale coffee roaster, retail operator, and coffee farm owner headquartered in Marin, CA. Founded in 1995 by Brooke McDonnell and Helen Russell, Equator's commitment to a sustainable, transparent approach spans more than two decades. Today, Equator operates five cafes in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 2016, the U.S. Small Business Administration honored Equator by naming us the "National Small Business of the Year." Since its founding Equator has been a leader in sustainability and social responsibility.

Equator’s philosophy on coffee is built from a question: how do we create value from our perch in the coffee supply chain, standing at the intersection between local and distant coffee communities? It is this question that continues to frame our narrative as we strive to grow a business that values the stakeholders in both communities with respect for the people, the process and the product. Equator believes that quality underlies economic and environmental sustainability, and this is the pillar of our approach. We support environmentally sound certifications, as well as practices that produce the highest quality coffee while securing a dignified life for those who produce it.

Our drip is currently Unity:

Unity Sourcing & Roasting is a fresh approach to all matters coffee. 

Their approach to sourcing is to maximize the benefits for producers at origin - this could come in forms of feedback, better logistics, more money, work we can put into farms, and donations for the local communities. Obtaining that rare variety, high-scoring top lot, or experimental process is just half the battle. The rest of it is making it worth it for the hard working growers & producers.

Their approach to roasting is to maximize the expression of the green. Unity never gets settled in a particular way of roasting and are always tinkering to bring out more subtlety, more nuance, and more originality. They focus on getting that juicy, wild, eye opening flavor and are in constant combat with dry, harsh, bitter finish, and sour flavors. While the key is always buying better quality green, we remain firm that each roast is a new opportunity to improve upon the last.

Their approach to sustainability addresses real concerns of environmental impact. From being an energy efficient Loring roaster, to compostable retail bags, to reusable buckets for deliverable shops, we aim to reduce, reuse, recycle, and improve all possible energy outlets.


Mighty Leaf Tea whole leaf tea is about bringing tea lovers uncompromised tea experiences and flavors. Since we first opened in 1996 in San Francisco, we have been sharing whole leaf teas with tea lovers around the world. Our loose leaf teas and tea bags have won top accolades and rave reviews, including the Golden Tea Championship.

Perfecting tea flavors is a passion of ours. Each loose leaf tea blend and tea bag are a fusion of the finest ingredients from across the world—whole leaf tea leaves, spices, fruits, and herbs – carefully selected by our tea experts. Our hand stitched, silken tea bags lift your tea experience out of the ordinary.

Our commitment to caring for the environment around us is evident by our partnerships with like-minded organizations around the world. We strive to make ethically and environmentally sound decisions throughout our supply chain and aim to build long-lasting partnerships.


Conceived by Jeff Cerciello, former Culinary Director for the Thomas Keller Group, Farmshop opened in 2010 in the Brentwood Country Mart. An instant hit, Farmshop has become both a destination for food enthusiasts and part of the local Brentwood community where guests have come to enjoy locally sourced, California-inspired fare served daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The much-lauded bakery invites guests to indulge in the city's best croissants, muffins, scones and cookies, while the large market boasts a wide assortment of artisan prepared foods and carefully curated specialty goods including specialty grocery, wine, chocolate, charcuterie, cheese, produce and housewares.   

In 2015, to meet the growing demand of local outlets looking for Farmshop’s coveted wholesale baked goods, a wholesale bakeshop was opened in Culver City. With a commitment to organic and locally sourced, non-GMO ingredients, classically trained bakers and a professional logistics team, the bakeshop is sought after for its wide array of hand-crafted, artisan pastry lines. Featuring; sweet, savory pastries, gluten free, vegan / plant based line, monthly, holiday and seasonal treats. Farmshop Bakeshop partners with local farms such as Thorne Family Farms for fruits and vegetables for our seasonal pastry and grab and go items. We pride ourselves on working with local farmers and millers to serve the highest quality of products and ingredients. Farmshop Bakeshop is committed to using all organic flours, partnering with flour mills such as Central Milling, and using organic non-GMO sugars, organic cage free eggs and all European butters in our artisan pastries. Food is meant to be eaten when it is ripe and ready to eat - as Mother Nature intended it!